Flags in the News: YOU can design a crappy flag for Monongalia County!


Your flag could be flying here!

Feeling tired? Stuck in a dead end rut? Looking for a little excitement? Then join the dozens of people already living their best lives by designing a flag for Monongalia County!

Located in beautiful northern West Virginia, Monongalia Country (pop. 104,236) is currently seeking applicants to design a new county flag to fly above the renovated courthouse complex in Morgantown. The commission requests designers observe the following rules when submitting their proposals:

  1. The design should be simple, using up to 3 colors
  2. Meaningful symbols should be used
  3. The overall design should be distinctive to distinguish it from other flags
  4. Submissions are required to include the county seal and the year the county was formed

*record scratch*

Okay, here’s the weird thing about these rules: the first three are pretty much aped word-for-word from the good people at the North American Vexillological Association. Which suggests to me that someone in Monongalia County actually read the rules of good flag design but then decided to ignore rule 4 which clearly states no lettering or seals.

And the Monongalia County seal, like all municipal seals, has a lot going on. To the point that there are five little seals within the main one. What other “meaningful symbols” are they expecting you to add to this? (Are there even any meaningful symbols left in Monongalia?)


Consider the above my submission for the Monongalia County flag design contest. (Apologies for the low quality, it’s the best I could find…er, I mean, “design.”)

I’ll be interested to see how this plays out for them. And if you’re thinking of submitting a design, do what the commission did and IGNORE RULE NUMBER 4.

Read more about how NOT to design a shitty flag here.

More on Monongalia County’s flag design competition here.

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